Links to Bortz Videos

1955 Chevrolet Biscayne – Velocity One of a Kind Click here.
VIEW VIDEO OF 1955 CHRYSLER GHIA FALCON AT THE FUELFED COFFEE AND CLASSICS, WINNETKA, IL SEPT 2016. 1955 Chrysler Ghia Falcon Concept Car on My Car Story with Lou Costabile Click here.
1953 Buick Wildcat at Coffee & Classics in Winnetka Click here.
2001 Lincoln MK9 at Coffee & Classics in Winnetka Click here.
Mystery Cars: The Chevy Biscayne Click here.
George Barris Remembered Volo 2012. Click here.
Ford Press Release Video For 2003 Mercury Messenger – You can watch this video from the beginning or if you want to see the Mercury Messenger where it is dropped from the ceiling go direct to the 2003 Mercury Messenger by fast forwarding to 5:58 Click here.
1953 Buick Wildcat I LIVE Springfield MO Click here.
Greasers & Gamblers 2015 Custom Car Show with Bo Huff, Voodoo Larry & Joe Bortz Click here.
1955 LaSalle Roadster at the CLC Nationals 2015 Click here.
Amelia Island 2013: 1955 LaSalle II – Jay Leno’s Garage; Interview with Joe Bortz – Bortz Auto Collection Click here.
Proclamation Award by Bill Warner 1955 Amelia Award Click here.
Bortz Auto Collection on display at Geneva Concours d’ Elegance 2013. Click here.
LaSalle Roadster in Motion Click here.
Meadow Brook 2010 Click here.
1937 Ford Glenn Johnson Custom featured in Hot Rod magazine. Click here.
1950 Fitzpatrick – Dream Car Garage Phil Lacy Sr. Click here.
1950 Fitzpatrick Packard Custom Click here.
1953 Pontiac Parisienne Click here.
1954 Pontiac Bonneville Special Click here.
1955 LaSalle Roadster update on restoration Click here.
1955 LaSalle Sedan Click here.
1955 LaSalle video at 2008 & factory photos Click here.
1955 LaSalle video Update 3/7/11 Click here.
1955 Biscayne Restoration Process Click here.
1956 Cadillac Die Valkyrie Click here.
1957 John North Ford custom Click here.
1960 Pontiac X-400 Click here.
1964 Pontiac Banshee XP833 Roadster Click here.
Reggie Jackson, Joe Bortz, Wayne Carinie Collector Car Seminar Click here.
Custom Car Seminar Auburn 2011 Click here.
Virgil Exner Jr. Interview – 1957 Chrysler Ghia Dart Diablo Click here.
Futurliner – Parade of Progress Click here.
Diablo ghia Click here.