Futurliner Buses

Futurliner No. 10 was donated to the NATMUS in the mid 1990s by the Bortz Auto Collection and is now on the National Historic Vehicle Register

Don Mayton, Futurliner News October 2003:

“Joe, along with his son Marc, have had the vision to save those rare one of a kind concept cars that others passed by. Joe and Marc had this same vision by accumulating Futurliners that would have gone to the scrap heap . One of these (Futurliner #10) was donated to NATMUS. Without this donation there would never have been a Futurliner restoration project. The Bortz Auto Collection is an important part of this historic restoration as well as all of the concept and one of a kind cars that have been saved. A big thank you to Joe, Marc and the Bortz Auto Collection. We would recommend a look at their web site of www.bortzautocollection.com.

Futurliner No. 10 to go on National Historic Vehicle Register, finds permanent home – Daniel Strohl Nov 19th, 2014. Click here.

What happened to the Futurliner buses that Joe owned?
The unrestored Futurliner above is going to auction on May 14, 2011 at Auctions America, Auburn, IN.
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In January 2006 this Futurliner brought a record breaking price of over $4 Million at auction.

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Marc and Joe

Chain Saw Massacre by Joseph Bortz, HotRodHotline.com Click here.

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Parade of Progress (61K)

A World’s Fair on Wheels



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Futureliner News, Joe Bortz Donates Bus #10 to NATMUS

Futurliner Bus, Futurliner News, April, 1, 2008.

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Interview about the Futurliners on the internet.
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General Motors Motorama

crew setting up the revolutionary ‘free span’ tent without center poles

for one of the Motorama shows. This was one of the innovations of General

Motors on display. You can see one of parts of three of the Futurliners in the

very distant background.


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