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Chain Saw Massacre – Futurliner Busses

Chain Saw Massacre The story about the Futurliner Busses by Joe Bortz Many have asked me how I came across the five Futurliner busses that I had in the 1980’s. Back in the 80’s my old friend Al Gartzman informed me about a gentleman who claimed that he had a GM Futurliner in his backyard…

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The Kid Who Won the Chrysler 300 Lottery

  It was 1955 and I had previously discussed with my parents that the following year I did not want to attend camp in Waupaca, Wisconsin as I had done for the previous four years.  Camp Waupaca was an eight-week summer camp and during that time there were two allotted weekends for parent visiting days. …

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Custom car builder Barris visits dream car collector

In July 2006, George Barris visited the Bortz Auto Collection, and explained that he was designing cars for movies and looking for new design features to put into his movie cars. He was hopeful that some new ideas for these cars could be spawned from the design techniques he’d see on the various concept cars in the…

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