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1955 LaSalle Sedan


The 1955 LaSalle Sedan as it exists today in basically the same condition that it came out of the junkyard in The Great Warhoops Find of 1988. The window was replaced by Mel Francis for the showing at Amelia Island 2013 to emphasize the dramatic lines of the design.


Harry, Joe & LaSalle

Harry Warholak Jr. and Joe Bortz, circa 1988




1955 Motorama

1955 motorama featuring 1955 biscayne and 1955 Lasalle Sedan 1955 biscayne page 1955 LaSalle Sedan page



The Great Warhoop Find of 1988

One of the cars from the Great Warhoop Find was the 1955 LaSalle Sedan and out of the
four cars discovered there the 1955 LaSalle Sedan was the only one fully intact.
To read more about the Great Warhoop Find check out the articles below.

The Cars That Time Forgot by Michael Lamm, Autoweek January 8, 1990. Click here to read it.

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1955 LaSalle 4-door hardtop finished in clay at the GM tech center circa 1954

1955 LaSalle 4-door hardtop finished in clay at the GM tech center circa 1954.



"Comparison with leading dream cars proves Rambler 1st in Styling"

Note the 1955 LaSalle Sedan was considered to be the first compact car in the 1950s.

Note how the Rambler company tried to use this to their advantage on one of their cars in an ad.