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Letters to the Bortz Auto Collection

April 6, 2013, Daniel G. writes:

"your work in preserving GM Design/Motorama History is a gift to us auto enthusiasts beyond price "




Hi Joe,

Just watched the LaSalle roadster restoration video. Nice.

I recall getting a tour from you of some of your cars. Did you rent some space at the mall in Gurnee? Was that where it was?

I think that was during the time I was the president of the local Austin Healey club... at least 20 years ago.

Anyway... nice to see you're still following your passion. Your specific interests in the show cars is admirable, certainly challenging, and as an auto enthusiast since as a 7 year old, I bought a copy of The Observer's Book of Automobiles in 1963... I thank you for your work in preserving automotive history. It is a worthy thing that you do.

Wm. Severin T

Weyauwega, WI